The list tool in EngageBay allows you to create a list and add contacts to those lists. 
Types of Lists
There are two types of lists in Engagebay: Smart List and Static List. 

Smart Lists

Smart lists automatically update your contacts based on certain criteria. Contacts join the list when they meet the criteria and leave the list when they no longer meet the condition. You would see the option to add conditions for the list when you create the list.

Static Lists

Static lists do not update automatically. You would need to manually choose the contact you want to add to the list. 
Set Up a New List
i. Login to your dashboard. 
ii. On the top of your dashboard, navigate to Contacts > Lists.
iii. In the upper right, click Create List. 
iv. In the right panel, enter the name of your list and choose the type of list you want — Smart list or Static list. 
v. Add Condition to the list if any(applicable only for Smart Lists). All the contacts that satisfy the condition will get added to the list. 
vi. Once done, click Save. Your list may take some time to process.

Whenever you run a campaign, you can choose the list that you want to target.