EngageBay provides marketing, sales, and service automation. 

Here is the list of events triggered by an action related to marketing: 

Joins a form: triggers when a user subscribes to the specified Inline form

Joins a popup: triggers when a user subscribed to the specified popup form.

Joins a sequence: triggers when a contact joins the sequence specified in the configuration.

Tag added: triggers when a tag is added to a contact.

Tag removed: triggers when a tag is removed from a contact.

Link clicked: triggers when a user clicks on the link embedded within an email.

Opens an email: triggers when a user opens an email specified in the configuration.

Double opt-in: triggers when double opt-in is configured and a user subscribes to the specified form - inline, popup, or landing page form and 

Has Note Description: triggers when a contact has a specific note added.

Score changed: triggers when the score changes and the change matches with the specifications mentioned in the configured.

Contact created: triggers when a new contact is created and joins the sequence specified in the configuration.

Cart abandoned: triggers when a user adds products to its cart and abandons it without placing the order. 

Order purchased: triggers when a user places an order.

Contact updated: triggers when a contact field is updated.

Web page visited: triggers when a user visits a web page as specified in the configuration.

Incoming call: triggers when an incoming call is received. 

Outgoing call: triggers when you make an outgoing call. 
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