EngageBay sales tools allow sales reps to easily manage and complete their daily tasks, including sending emails to prospects, making calls, and booking meetings. You can also streamline and centralize your sales communications, including incoming emails or messages sent via a chat widget on your website, in the conversations inbox.

Sales managers can use the reporting tools in EngageBay to monitor their team’s progress, identify areas of improvement, and make sure the team is on track to hit their sales goals.

Below is an overview of tasks that will get you started with EngageBay’s sales tools. Within each section, you’ll find links to detailed instructions for each task. Before getting started, make sure you’re logged in to your account.

Complete tasks

Keep track of your daily to-do list using the tasks tool. You can create tasks for upcoming calls, emails, and other to-do items. On your tasks home, filter for tasks that are due that day so you know what you need to prioritize. Or you can choose to receive a summary of your outstanding tasks in a daily digest email. Mark tasks as complete as you work through the list, and create follow-up tasks if you need to revisit something in a few days.

Track deals

Track potential revenue opportunities using deals. Store information such as close date, deal amount, and deal owner in a deal record. Monitor your deals in a pipeline as they move through different stages to identify and resolve any roadblocks.

Book meetings on your calendar

When you need to book demos and calls, you can create and share scheduling pages with your prospects so they can easily schedule time on your connected Google, Office 365 calendar. Booking in this way also ensures that you’re never double-booked.

You can also use EngageBay’s calendar sync with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar to schedule meetings directly from EngageBay or your calendar.

Set up an inbox for sales inquiries

You can create a conversations inbox that is specifically for your sales team. Connect a team email address that multiple members of your sales team can access to communicate with customers.

Make phone calls

While working in EngageBay, you may need to make a call to one of your contacts. You need use a third-party calling provider (Twilio, RingCentral, Plivo, VoxValley, JustCall, Africa's Talking, Exotel, and MightyCall) to make calls to your contacts. During the call, you can take notes or record the call. Sales managers can then review the recording later to help coach their team. You can also provide your team to setup the call scripts.