While creating workflow automation, you can specify the event’s condition to make sure your action is only triggered when an event meets those specific conditions. 

Let’s look at each of these and actions and conditions in our automation builder. 
Add to sequence: add a contact to a sequence

Remove from sequence: remove a contact from a sequence

Add tag: add a tag to a contact

Remove tag: remove a tag from a record

Delay: delay for a certain amount of time 

Wait till: wait until the following condition is met

Scheduler: execute an action on a certain date and time

Set property: set or delete property to a contact

Add to list: add a contact to a list

Remove from list: remove contact from a list

Add to form: add a contact to a list

Remove to form: remove a contact from a list

Send email: send an automated email to the contact based on certain conditions

Add score: add value to a contact based on an action

Star rating: give a star rating to a contact — bad, poor, average, great, & excellent

Update contact status: add a confirmed or unconfirmed status to contact for sending emails

Send push notification: send push notification to the contact

Send SMS: send SMS to a contact

Voice call: make a voice call to a contact

Add new note: add a new note to the contact

Assign owner: assign deals equally among the selected users

Add to workflow: enroll in another workflow

Remove from workflow: remove a contact from a workflow

Remove from automation: remove an action from automation
Custom field: if the contact has a certain custom field

Tag: if the contact has a tag

A/B testing: run an A/B testing

Has opened email: if the contact has opened the email within the predefined timeline

Has clicked on a link: if the contact has clicked on a link within the predefined timeline

Has call log: has a call log within a certain frame of time

Check SMS status: check the status of the sent SMS

Exists in workflow: if a contact is in a certain workflow

Has event: when the subscriber has an event as described

Has completed workflow: if contact has completed a workflow

Has completed automation: if contact has completed an automation

Has subscriber replied: if a subscriber has replied within the predefined timeline

Has URL visited: if the contact has visited a URL within the predefined timeline

Has completed broadcast: if contact has part of a broadcast

Contact score is: if contact score reaches a certain condition and value

Contact source is: when a contact is added from a specific source

Contact has owner: when contact has a specific owner as mentioned
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